Essay about A Network Of Ways Of Knowing

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In order to answer this question, keywords that have to be interpreted are “a network of ways of knowing.” A network of ways of knowing implies how certain ways of knowing relate or intertwine with each other. Therefore, the statement “in gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing,” suggests how certain ways of knowing intertwine with each other when gaining knowledge, in any given area of knowledge. Which leads to the question: to what extent can a network of ways of knowing be used to gain knowledge? In order to develop knowledge, the ways of knowing are essential because it provides us information needed in order to gain a better understanding. Using one way of knowing is not enough to get the information necessary. Using a network of ways of knowing is more effective because it opens doors to different perspectives that lead to a deeper understanding. The ways of knowing that will be explored throughout this essay will be intuition, memory, and reason and how they become a network in gaining knowledge in the areas of knowledge Mathematics and History.
In gaining knowledge in mathematics, there is a great use of a network of ways of knowing. When solving a math problem, there is knowledge gained because the problem requires thinking and when one is thinking, they are allowing new, but also old information to take into account. For instance, there was a problem that asked me to find the length of a side of a right triangle. After reading…

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