Media Influence On Police And Public Relations

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Police and public relations Police and public relations are at the top of the list in today’s going concern and is quite often developed by these hardships, maintaining a positive image is hard for police officer 's to do. The influence that the commentary have about Michael Brown 's case was a negative impact. Furthermore, policies can improve their public relations with citizens by increasing their informal contact with citizens. The media influence the public to have a negative impression on all police officers. The media do it to increase their ratings. It makes it seems as if all police officers are bad cops. Sometimes the media know the truth about high profile cases but fail to tell the truth because they know the public will buy …show more content…
Their audience is rapidly increasing. Reality shows often generate negative publicity towards police officers. Reality based television shows create fear among the general public. People who tend to watch police based reality shows tend to be more violent than people who does not watch police based reality shows. According to Curry (2001), "Reality-based policing shows such as COPS also provide the public with a look at the life of a police officer as well as the TV show, Disorderly Conduct Video On Patrol ' '. Often these shows are not accurate portrayals, creating an image of policing that is more exciting and glamorous than it is in reality. Many of these shows focus on the patrol aspect of policing, misrepresenting the amount of teamwork that policing requires in solving crimes". These shows tend to depict officers as always been very busy while on duty. The TV show “Disorderly Conduct Video On Patrol”, however, shows more of the good cops catching criminals and how the job is actually done. It still shows more outrageous captions of high speed pursuits, car crashes, surveillance cameras, the use of stun guns, and drug busts according to, Spike TV Overview. In reality, not all of an officer’s duty time is spent in vehicle pursuits or investigating crimes; there are many other duties to fulfill. Some television reality shows, such as The First 48, focus on the detective work …show more content…
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