Essay on A Negative Feeling On The Marine Corps

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A Negative Feeling on the Marine Corps
Throughout history, the military has been a subject of extreme speculation. Because of the inability to know exactly what is going on in a combat conflict, many are left with opinions and ideas about what may be going on. I grew up in a very patriotic family, who always showed respect and gratitude to the military. In result I wanted to join the force and earn that respect for myself. After joining the corps I quickly learned that what my parents had felt, and really what most of the public had felt about the Marine Corps was absolutely incorrect. I was effected by a bias toward the good things of the Marine Corps by not only my parents, but the general American public through heart felt songs, personal conversations, and recruiting tactics. This bias led me to join the corps, only to find out that the corps was actually the worst place for me. The patriotic songs about battles and victories were the first things to strike a chord in my heart. I remember after 9/11, the songs about the homeland and standing together through everything created a strong desire to serve and truly protect the country. Not only was it the personal feeling that were swaying my conviction, but the way others felt as well. The watery eyes, the hands over their hearts slowly patting the rhythm. These factors gave me a sense of unity between my fellow Americans, a sense of brother hood, of standing together no matter our differences to protect our country and…

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