A National Philosophy For Guiding Veterans Essay

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As the US Government transitions to new leadership, the Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA) is uniquely positioned to move in a new direction that discharges America’s obligation to one of its most important group of citizens: Veterans. This document endeavors to identify a national philosophy for guiding Veterans’ benefits, clarify the historical context for Veterans’ programs, critique the current application of benefits against that philosophy, and outline a path to achieving an ideal future where VBA delivers world-class benefits and services to those who ensured America’s continued position as the greatest nation in the world.
A National Philosophy
VBA is responsible for helping discharge the US Government’s obligation to all Veterans, a population which today numbers approximately 22 million. Each Veteran has unique requirements for fulfilling that obligation, from as little as providing information about what benefits are available, to ensuring the Veteran’s complete, medical, education, employment, and general livelihood needs are satisfied. VBA’s ability to maintain their ability to identify and provide for these unique needs has served as a constant pressure to innovate and institute new methods for serving America’s Veterans. Today, VBA manages this process faster, more efficiently, and more virtually than at any other period in its storied history. By 2017, the mandatory budget for VA, the dollars spent on benefits and services that are directed…

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