A Nation On The Fence Over Abuse Essay

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A Nation on the Fence over Abuse
A man knows early in life that if they want to have a happy home, where they would come home to every day after working hard to meet the needs of the family. Most are taught early by society that a man loves his wife and children, while caring for them physically and financially. In many cases they are not taught how to effectively deal with the inevitable frustrations and disagreements in a relationship. Unfortunately some men are so unequipped to deal with these circumstances that violence is their solution. In August Wilson’s play Fences we see how the lead character, Troy, was unequipped to handle the occasional stress of a relationship. In review of the character Troy the issue of abuse in domestic relationships comes to the forefront of the story. This issue has yet to be taken as serious as it should in our culture, and throughout the course of the next few minutes will show you why domestic abuse is so serious. Troy struggled through life as he attempted to provide for himself and a family. This began early in his life, as he left home at fourteen after a physical fight with his father. As a teenager Troy had no workplace skills, and felt forced into a life of crime. One can see how Troy felt at a disadvantage in the world because he didn’t have the opportunities or abilities to provide for himself honestly. He was raised by a man who was hard, and seemingly unloving toward his children. He was so cold and harsh toward his family,…

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