A Narrative Story Of The Movie Maker Program Essay

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When the idea of creating a memoir was introduced to me, I must admit – I felt quite unwilling to embrace the challenge. I did not have any idea how to integrate technology, in this case Movie Maker program to produce an appealing piece of a narrative story depicting some aspects of my life. I also struggled with choosing an interesting topic: there were so many events in my life which could involve a listener and which could be appropriate to share as well. The problem was solved by my colleague, who mentioned that I could tell how and why I immigrated to the U.S. I thought that he hit a bull’s eye with his suggestion because that was a story of dreams coming true, persistence and never give up. In addition, I thought that the narrative could be incorporated in the social studies lessons about immigration to the U.S. or literacy unit about “Stories Worth Telling Again and Again” and it could be used as a valuable lesson that students could apply to their own lives.
The early process of writing was quite easy and fast. I didn’t create any kind of outline for my memoir, I just gleaned the ideas in my brain and then threw my brainstorming onto the page and revised after that. During the stage of revising, I tried to replace weak verbs and adjectives with strong ones as well as take away repeated words and unimportant information. I also checked if any words needed to be rearranged and finally changed some sentences to make the text go smooth (I am not still satisfied with the…

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