A Narrative Of The Captivity And Restoration Essay

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Mary Rowlandson was a settler in the Americas during the early periods of colonization of America. She lived in Massachusetts, in a small unprotected border town called Lancaster. Rowlandson, like many other settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was a Puritan. Rowlandson was the daughter of a wealthy land-holder in the Massachusetts colony, and eventually settled in Lancaster. Her husband was the minister of the parish in Lancaster, and as a result she lived a very public life. However, the border areas of Massachusetts were subject to numerous raids by the Native Americans living in the area before the English came over, and it was no different for the town of Lancaster. Rowlandson’s husband had been off to request aid from Boston, the largest city in the colony, to help defend against the Native Americans when, ironic as it is, Lancaster was attacked by a Native American force. Rowlandson herself was captured, and she lost her baby and many members of her family. A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration is Rowlandson’s account of her time during her captivity by the Native Americans, although it was written after the fact, almost immediately after she was released. Rowlandson had a complex view towards her captors, one that was constantly shifting and changing during her captivity, which play a large role in her narrative.

Rowlandson’s view of the Native Americans before she ever is captured by them is typical, one you would expect of from an English settler in…

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