A Narrative Of The Captivity An Restoration By Mary Rowlandson

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In 1675, King Phillips War was going on and colonies were being taken over and people were being held captive by Native Americans. Mary Rowlandson’s was one of many held captive. In her book, A Narrative of the Captivity an Restoration, her faith is tested, and she demonstrates that her relationship with God is just as strong as ever, she uses it as an opportunity to spread the word of God. One reason Rowlandson survived was because of her faith and her optimism while she was captured. Her story begins in February 1675, the Native Americans began to take over her town, they took women and children and began to murder men. In the beginning of her narrative she mentions God, when she is looking for a way out of her home. She remains optimistic and states, “The lord …show more content…
The main reason she changed her mind was because she wanted to be able to tell her story, and show everyone what she endured. Another belief for people who strongly believe in god the way she does was that husbands come first, when she mentions her family the first person she mentions is her husband and then her children. Although her children were gone and one of which was dead she remained hopeful and continued to pray to God. She continues through her move and begins to lose hope and think of all the past difficulties, and then she gets hopeful. She mentions, “The Lord renewed my strength still, and carried me along, that I might see more of his power,” (Rowlandson 131) this shows that although she was doubting she remained hopeful and continued to thank God and believe in him even through the hardships so far. This was an opportunity to show people who were or are reading her book that if she can remain hopeful and keep her faith through thee difficulties than so can her readers, and people of the same

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