A Narrative Of A Revolutionary Soldier Essay

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“A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier” was written by Joseph Plumb Martin; a soldier who wrote about his endeavors in the Revolutionary War and about the occurrences in his life. Joseph Plumb Martin was born in western Massachusetts. He lived with his grandparents in Connecticut from the age of 7 until he enlisted in the army. In 1776, at the age of 15 Martin enlisted in the militia and later went on to join the Continental Army of General Washington. He only served seven years for the Revolutionary cause. He served until 1783 which was the duration of the war. Martin entered the war young, seeking to protect his country and experience adventures worth telling. He fought for patriotism’s sake and did so dutifully, from 1776 until the end of the war in 1783. He and his company participated in seven well known battles, including the Battles of Princeton and Ft. Mifflin, and the Siege of Yorktown. Throughout his six years of service, Martin avoided serious wounds and capture, and was only severely ill once. He was ill with the yellow fever. His battles, both major and minor, were consistently accompanied by hunger, and only made worse by unbearable cold. The book presents well-detailed memoir of a common soldier with all his pities and sorrows, heroic achievements and disgraceful failures, but most of all everyday routine and withdrawals. The depressed condition of the army often reached its highest degree. The men had to suffer from sleep deprivation and unfavorable…

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