A Narrative Essay On The Grapevine

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There is a certain freeway in the Southern part of California. It is a small part of the freeway, but it has had huge impact on the people. Natives know the dangers of what this road could do to your automobile, and it is a subject of sympathy when misfortune is mentioned in later tales. This road was known simply as the Grapevine. The Grapevine, although originally the preferred route through the canyons by covered wagons, does a number on your car, due to the bizarre inclines and many gear changes. One moment you would be on your merry way, and the next moment your hood would billow with smoke and steam from your engine suddenly becoming overheated. My family was victim to the Grapevine's wrath this Thanksgiving. Our car was a Suburban—new by our …show more content…
We were uncomfortably, slightly painfully, squished together. My father sat in the passenger's bucket seat up front, however, and I admit I was jealous. Well, I thought, we would only be stuck like this for a couple of hours, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, a “couple of hours” became nearly six of sitting in nearly stopped traffic. The day before Thanksgiving, after all, is a popular traveling day. I had a migraine, so I could not distract myself with my portable video game system I brought with me. My younger brother sat next to me, and threw a tantrum more than once. I was reluctant to let him use my video game system out of fear he would destroy it (he had, in fact, previously damaged my father's smart phone). I was astounded by the patience of the driver. Many people cut him off and took advantage of him in the traffic, but he kept his cool. I entertained myself by listening to him speak with my parents about various parts of life. He, before that job, was surprisingly a manager of a popular chain restaurant. He told us various tricks of cooking. One of these was how to make carnitas, a mexican dish similar to pulled

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