A Naked Ethnic African American Women Essay

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What companies are selling
A naked Ethnic African American women stands next two fully suited men, with lines on her body that further symbolize a deeper meaning. There are a few words on the bottom left corner that read “like skin;” also a few words appear on the upper right corner that says “suit supply.” The company 's purpose is to sell men suits. Their “like skin” collection is supposed to be comfortable, and it should fit like a second skin. Also the minute any man wears it, every woman sticks to him like glue. This campaign is selling more than suits; they are selling sex. This ad is one of many that shows how advertising is a key factor in the way women view themselves. Mass media along with advertisement has created a standard in which society views women. The standards that have been created are unreachable for most women. Women’s minds can soak in things like a sponge and when they hear something so often, they tend to take it in a positive or negative way. These ads affects what they eat, how they think, what they do and also what is right for their bodies. Society 's acceptance of the standard body image has affected the sexual objectification of women, cultural appropriation, and the hidden messages that are tied with gender and advertisement. The first aspect that will be explored is the sexual objectification of women in advertisement and how society views it. The power of ads has changed the way the world views women; it also has changed the way…

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