A Multicultural Society By The Narayan And Multiculturalism Without Culture By Anne Phillips

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We all have a sense of what injustice looks like in our society and it is sometimes easier to define what injustice is rather than defining what justice is and looks like. However, we also know that an unequal society can never be just. In Equality in a Multicultural Society by Bhikhu Parekh, Contesting Cultures by Uma Narayan and Multiculturalism without Culture by Anne Phillips, all theorists believe that in order to achieve a multicultural society that effectively treats all people as each other’s moral equals; we must create equal opportunity using a culturally sensitive lens, challenge Western perspectives of Third World Feminists and stop allowing patriarchal norms to characterize minority cultures. In Parekh’s piece, he discusses minority rights in a multicultural society in terms of needing more implementation of equal opportunity in our society, but that our society needs to use a culturally sensitive lens while doing this. In other words, he believes we need more discussion, negotiation and compromise between the dominant cultures versus the minority cultures in a society. He discusses this notion of equal opportunity involving focus on one’s cultural identity when he states, “Equality involves equal freedom or opportunity to be different, and treating human beings equally requires us to take into account both their similarities and differences…At the most basic level it involves equality of respect and rights” (240). Minority individuals that live in our society…

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