Essay on A Multicultural Review Of Public Displays Of Heterosexual

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A Multicultural review of Public Displays of Heterosexual Identity
Article Summary
Research questions
This article is concerned with the concept of heterosexual marking which is the idea that people act in ways that are seen by others as evidence of the heterosexual status of the individual behaving in said manner even if they do not intend for other people to read those signals. In this article the authors specifically focus on how heterosexual marking impacts gender stereotypes, differences and inequality. These behaviors reinforce and perpetrate heteronormativity and gender conformity. The authors also discuss the implications and problematic nature of heterosexual marking and the inequalities that it reinforces. One of the issues with these behaviors is that it makes gender non-conforming people invisible and it also increases the likelihood that they will be discriminated against. The data that the authors present delves into the realm of the gender differences that are seen in heterosexual marking and issues related to this topic. In this article the authors present three gender related themes that were extracted from the focus groups that participated in this study.
Based on previous research and the experience of the individuals that participated in the focus groups, the researchers found that men may be more likely to think that heterosexuality was an important part of their identity to be accepted by those in their communities. Per the authors the purpose of this…

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