A Multi Media Assessment Of Portraits Of Grief Essay

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A Multi-Media Assessment of “Portraits of Grief” by The New York Times

Question 1:

The focus of “Portraits of Grief” by The New York Times focuses on the different reactions of family members for those that had died in the September 11th, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers. The article focuses on “revisiting” the families and re-evaluating the personal lives of those that had died in the attacks. This presentation is meant as a memorial for those that died on 9/11.

Question 2:

There were two story forms that utilized video presentation of interviews with family members, as well as written biographies of various family members to a chosen victim of the attacks. The overall goal of the video presentations was to show a direct interaction between the interviewer and the family member’s responses to various questions about the victim. The biographies mention various family members in a written form to accentuate a biographical explanation of the characters of the victims.

Question 3:

The focus of each story was to present memories of the victim’s life, which would promote a memorial style of presentation for the reading audience. For instance, the video presentation of “Sheri Ladley-Calamusa” defines her own experiences of loss in relation to the memory of husband’s legacy as a father and marital life. In the “Eddie Wing Wai” story, the family stories told about his life are also depicted as type of memorial writing style.

Question 4:

I felt the presentation was…

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