Essay about A Mountain Journey By Howard O ' Hagan

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Challenges are what shape and mold characters as well as people in real life. The way an individual, whether they are fictional or living, solves the challenges they have been presented with will reveal their inner-self as well as their true character. In the short story A Mountain Journey by Howard O’Hagan, the reader is able to follow along with the protagonist of the story Dave Conroy on his journey as he faces many challenges, some of which lead to more obstacles, and fights to overcome them. Although, as we learn in this story and many others, there is never an easy, best or right solution to overcoming a problem as it all depends on the character and what their goal is. Setting and dilemma are mainly used to illustrate this idea.

When attempting to overcome challenges, the decisions an individual makes reveal just as much, if not more about their true character than the outcome/method they use to deal/cope with the consequences of their actions. Dave Conroy is faced with an internal dilemma and the decision to either stop, make camp and warm up after he gets his hands and feet wet when he falls into the air hole or continue onwards and try and make it to Hoodoo Cabins where he will be able to spend the night in warmth, comfort and safety. When Dave decides to continue on it reveals that although he is smart enough to have survived the harsh living and environmental conditions of the mountain, when it comes to his pride and judgements he is blinded by…

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