A Mother's Intuition In Nwoye Quotes

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“A mother’s intuition” is a phrase that relates to this quote. It means a deep bond is created between a mother and her child and the mother developed a sense where she can see if the child is hurt emotionally or physically. In a household, if a child gets hurt, his or her mother is there to help him or her. In the book, there is an example where a mother is protecting her child: “ As she stood gazing at the circular darkness which had swallowed them, tears gushed from her eyes, and she swore within her that if she heard Ezinma cry she would rush into the cave to defend her again all the gods in the world. (Achebe 108). This illustrates how a mother cares for her child and wants the best for the child.

Another example that shows how a
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In the book, it mentions the questions Nwoye had about the religion and it shows how different the Igbo religion is from Christianity, for example, how there is a day for worshipping the God and how they don’t throw about twins. On pg 35, Achebe wrote, “Nwoye always wondered who Nnadi was and why he should live all by himself, cooking and eating.” From this quote, we assume that Nwoye is a curious boy about the religion and usually, if a person is curious about something, that curiosity will spread to different things.

Imagine dry sand and how it feels: it’s rough and more coarse, but when that dry sand get water, the feeling gets better and more satisfying and that’s what Nwoye feel. It’s like when you get a question answered, that confusion you had caused you to get stressed and overwhelmed, but getting that question answered will give you that
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The reason for his anger is because his arrogance gets in the way of how he works things. He is too selfish to change his ways for the benefit of his kid. In the book, Achebe wrote that Okonkwo would abuse Nwoye if he is lazy and it shows that even if he’s hurt or sad, Okonkwo will abuse him because he shows weakness. Not only he is hurting his son, but also he is also hurting his wives.

His violence reputation limited his view on many things because the cause of his violence is from his arrogance and the fact that he sees his family falling apart, falling from the roots, he sees it as a weakness and in the book, Achebe wrote that weakness is something Okonkwo hates.

Nwoye sees what the new religion is like and from the quote, we see how the new religion brings togetherness by singing and having fun. Before, Nwoye was scared about revealing his new faith and even before that he had questions about the Igbo religion, as it is stated on pg :

The western’s religion has a different way of creating that union between the brotherhood and that 's by going to church every Sunday. As written in the book, Achebe didn 't mention Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, any of those days in the week because the Igbo works things differently and have different

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