A Mother 's Controlling Habits Essay

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“ A Mother’s controlling habits”

A mothers role is to love their child unconditionally and want the best for them. But their constant constructive criticism can turn a loving mother into a nagging one. In the short story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, Ni Kans mother is constantly pushing her to strive for the "American Dream." Just like any mother would like to guide their child which is understandable, but for them to dictate their life is completely wrong. Ni Kans mother should have guided her to the right path instead of telling her how to live her life, Ni Kans mother should not have a say towards her future and here is a few reasons why is because this may lead a child to become rebellious and demonstrating hostile to others, dictating their child 's life can also prevent maturity, and a child who is living their future based on their parents may lead them into depression. It is so important for a child to take matters into. Their own hands.

Mothers have a way of guiding their child into the right path but in this case Ni Kans mother did the opposite, she always compared her to others or just letting her ego down. Comparing a child to another child can cause this child to have anger and frustration not only with themselves but also with their parent. As Ni Kans mother constantly told her what to do and how to be so she can live the American prodigy. Ni Kan grew a frustration towards her mother and as this continued she thought that she was useless. "Why don 't you…

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