A More Perfect Union By Dr. Ben Carson

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“A More Perfect Union” by Dr. Ben Carson, analyzes The Constitution and informs readers of their civil liberties while discussing the intent behind different components of the document. Dr. Carson also takes the information and uses it to offer solutions for modern day issues, such as the national debt and an overly-powerful federal government. Carson has a knack for writing in such a way that even someone with the most basic understanding of U.S. government can learn and draw conclusions. After reading the book, I was able to learn more about the men who helped write the document, why states need more power, welfare hindering success, and the importance of private charity. More so than learning key points, the book allowed me to take what …show more content…
Carson gives an in-depth perspective on why such a large portion of the first representatives stressed the importance of a strong state government. As someone who would consider themselves a Republican, I believe in small government, but why? I just always thought, “Well, too big of a federal government can lead to more corruption” but, as I’ve discovered from this book, it is so much more than that. To explain the importance of state government, Carson uses the example of a judge. We are more likely to ensure justice if the majority of problems are dealt with locally. A local judge is more likely to care more about the outcome, giving cases more attention than a federal judge, because a federal judge does not have to answer to the people. Carson states, “When politicians prioritize local rule instead of trying to force the whole country to agree with them, I think the pursuit of happiness will be within reach of a far greater portion of our populace.” By giving the federal government less power, we enable people of the states to enjoy their freedoms and share their beliefs with likeminded individuals, while living peacefully with those of different opinions. Our states are what makes us unique; New Mexico has a rich Latin culture, Hawaii has strong Asian roots, Louisiana is full of African-American history, Wyoming has fourth generation ranchers, and District of Columbia is essentially a melting pot of people from all over the globe. With so much diversity in our large country, it doesn’t make sense to have one dominant power of government. “A More Perfect Union” helped to explain that different states cater to different issues and each have their own solutions, based off of the ideas and requests by their local

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