A Modest Proposal For Reducing Crime And Murder Rates Essay

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A Modest Proposal for reducing crime and murder rates in the United States and using the benefits of less violence at home to our advantage in different areas of the economy.
Over 2 million soldiers, across all of the branches, are deployed overseas every year to fight for the United States of America. 54% fight under the Army, on the ground engaged in combat. These men and women fight for their country every single day in some of the most dangerous situations that result in a return home, plagued with hundreds of different mental disorders, for example, PTSD, depression, or suicidal thoughts. All of this stems from the horrors of war that are experienced when engaged in combat, fighting for your life, all to bring glory to the country they serve. With the dangers of war becoming abundantly clear to American citizens, a fear that a draft will become necessary to gain support for the military is a real threat. These men and women that serve our country so fearlessly are hardly repaid in the ways they deserve, and they often are granted an early leave so that the rest of their lives are not ruined by the horrors of war. Again, the worry for a lack of support can be felt on recruiters and sergeants who begin to experience the dwindling numbers.
In order to appease the fear of a lack of volunteers for the United States military, a proposal to utilize prison inhabitants is in order. These men and women who have been incarcerated for murders, tortures, and etc.; should be armed…

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