A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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A Modest Proposal in Neoclassical Literature
A Modest Proposal is a satirical essay which was written by an author, Jonathan Swift in 1729. The essay criticizes the economy and culture of English and Irish in the eighteenth century. The purpose of the essay is to address the seriousness of the social concern and problems in Irish. The author Swift uses literary techniques, irony and satire, to maximize the seriousness in Irish. The literary techniques are also used as a method that clearly deliver the author’s perspective on the social issue of Irish. A Modest Proposal, written by Jonathan Swift, has the neoclassical literature style that the author use sardonic and ironic criticism to satirize and expose depictions of social environment and economic condition and incompetent government of the Irish.
In A Modest Proposal, the author provides a depiction of the social environment of Irish. The essay begins with a description of the atmosphere of Ireland. According to the Swift essay, the ambience of the Ireland is melancholy and depressed. The gloomy environment of Ireland clearly demonstrates the lifestyle of the poor people. The author portrays the poor and rich as people who do not hesitate to commit a crime for their own wealth. He also focuses on showing the different lifestyle between poor and rich. Poor people are selling their babies for a living. Rich people are buying the babies for their health. Poor people have to give their eyeteeth to survive in the…

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