A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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The essay “A Modest Proposal” is written by Jonathan Swift. Swift is a master of satire; most of his work is satirical pieces that help influence society in Ireland. Jonathan Swift is an outstanding British author because of his background, his contributions to British literature, and his writings, especially “A Modest Proposal.”
Jonathan Swift was born on November 30, 1667, in Dublin, Ireland, to his English parents Jonathan and Abigaile. Swift was born several months after the death of his father, and is said to have been separated from his mother and raised by his Uncle. At the age of six, Swift entered Kilkenny school and then attended Trinity collage in 1682. At Trinity collage Swift completed his bachelor of arts degree in 1686, and almost completed his master of arts at Trinity. Swift was forced to leave school because of his Uncle 's death, but finished his masters at Hart Hall, in Oxford, and returned to Trinity to receive his Doctorate in 1701. Throughout his years in school, Swift had a plethora of jobs which allowed him to meet important political people. (“Jonathan” 1; Magill’s 1; “Mossner” 1). Swift was a very political man who obtained many different jobs, but with most of them, he was able to write satirical pieces that influenced his country. His first employment was in at the end of 1689 at Moor Park, as secretary to Sir William Temple, who was a retired diplomat as well as a relative of his mother 's. Swift left Moor Park and was then ordained in…

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