A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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“A Modest Proposal” was written in the 17th century by Irishman Jonathan Swift: a prolific poet, political pamphleteer, and satirist. The letter is a proposal offered by Swift that includes eating the children of the poor to rectify the fallen economy and end Irelands nation-wide starvation. This piece was written for the Irish upper-class of that time that had the power to make changes for the nation. Swift wrote to offer a solution for the nation’s hardships while motivating the people to act by using satire. His writing requires the reader to think logically while analyzing his letter.
Throughout the 1600’s, Ireland was under English tyranny and an inefficient Irish government that lead to an unstable economy and a famished land. Swift, a native to Ireland, worked and lived in England throughout important periods of his life. Commuting between Ireland and England gave Swift a love for both countries making him criticize both sides of the issue throughout his letter. The Englishmen, for their overbearing totalitarianism, and the Irish for their submissive, lame retaliation. Swift was particularly known for addressing political and social issues in his writings. He was a driven and educated Irishman sharing his opinion and offering his proposal regarding the dire plight of his homeland and the benighted response from his fellow locals.
The title, “A Modest Proposal”, is ironic in itself. Swifts proposal of resorting to cannibalism is anything but modest. However, by…

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