Essay on A Modern View On Traditional Values, The Play Big Love

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Taking a modern view on traditional values, the play Big Love by Charles L. Mee integrates various views on love and how love relates to gender roles. The University of Texas at Dallas, under the direction of Shelby-Allison Hibbs, performed Big Love for two weekends in October 2015. The story takes place in an Italian villa off the coast, where three brides have just gotten off a boat from Greece to seek refuge. The brides, fifty total, fled to avoid marrying their fifty cousins in an arranged marriage agreement made by their ancestors. The play mainly focuses on three brides and their groom counterparts; each represents a different view on love.
Thyona, a self-sufficient feminist who absolutely opposes the idea of an arranged marriage, is paired with Constantine, a misogynistic, domineering man who wants his wife to suit his every need. Materialistic and hopeless romantic Olympia however, is in love with the idea of love and does not oppose the idea of the arranged marriage. Her groom, Oed, is less outspoken and seems to go along with his brothers. Finally, Lydia and her groom-to-be Nikos fall in the middle; both long for a meaningful relationships and are on the fence about the arranged marriage. After much debate and arguing, the brides ultimately decide to kill their grooms on their wedding night to secure their freedom. However, Lydia does not kill Nikos; they decide to pursue a real loving relationship, which represents that love is about finding the balance between…

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