A Modern State Is A Institutional Element Responsible For Maintaining And Managing The Process Of Socialization

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Firstly, it is important to understand that a modern state is a institutional element responsible for maintaining and managing the process of socialization (Blacksell 2006, 39).Blacksell describes nationalism as the strong identification of national objectives and ideals by the people so as to allow a more definitive and integrated concept of state (Blacksell 2006, 42). Naturally, nationalism plays a key role in transforming states into nations in that it causes the populace to become actively involved in the political and national processes while closely associated with national ideals and mutually aligned toward building the nation (Blacksell 2006, 42). This directly leads to the populace defining themselves in relation to their national affiliations (Blacksell 2006, 42). This seems highly intuitive. A group of people working towards a common goal inherently creates a sense of unity among the participants in turn leading to centralized goals and eventually centralized legislation and jurisdiction reflective of those nationalistic ideals (often in the form of a Constitution, which began to be established as a means of providing representation in government of the people (Blacksell 2006, 42)). This applies to state nationalism. There is also minority nationalism, which is typified by the political mobilization of identities for the decentralization of government often in effort to seek an independent government (Jerez & Lecours 2010, 4).

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