A Modern Source Of Information Essay

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“Wikis” have become a modern, popular source of information. Besides many popular ones that are open to the public, a wide range of companies utilize these tools to manage information both internally and externally. Usually anyone can add and edit information, which helps contribute to “open” knowledge sharing. Our database represents a simple wiki application, similar to Wikipedia or Confluence. The database shall keep track of pages, content and users. In addition the database shall keep track of revisions made to the pages. Revisions are created when users need to change the content of a page to reflect more current information. Oftentimes a wiki page contains only text. However, many users find media to be more engaging, useful, and informative. Our wiki shall allow users to add video, audio, and images as well.

The database shall keep track of authenticated users. Information stored about users shall include, a unique userID, password, last accessed date and time, and name. In addition, the database must also store a unique email address associated with the user. A user’s first and last names must be at least two characters long, a user is not required to have a middle initial. A userID may not be the same as that user’s email. A user may create multiple versions of one or more pages, but only one user may be the creator of a particular version. When a user makes a new revision the database shall associate all pieces of related content to that revision.…

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