A Mock Politician Through A Political Simulation Essay examples

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Introduction People always have something to say about politicians and how ordinary individuals from the streets can do the politicians jobs better than they can. I had the keen opportunity to test that theory and was able to step into the shoes of a mock politician through a political simulation. I was put into a tough situation where I had to make choices that caused me to not be able to please everyone. Today I will describe my duties and decision making process through the simulation of or against the legalization of marijuana considering what cards I was dealt; electoral considerations, trustee or delate, personal experience, public opinion, interest group and stakeholders, and party pressure. All of these factors helped me determine my decision on what to vote for.
Electoral Considerations I was lucky enough to have won me election with fifty-one percent of the vote, so I was right on the line of losing. I had the incumbency advantage of being fully funded for my next election but that would not matter if I did not continue to make my constituents happy. This made me really want to vote on what they people wanted because in the end they are why I am in office and can change that for the next election.
Trustee or Delegate How do people decide on whether they are a trustee or delegate, how do they make that decision? First it is always best to know exactly what each one is. I feel that I was playing the roles of both during the simulation. I wanted happy people…

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