A Minimum Rage Essay

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Raising the Minimum Wage
Student Name: Sylvie Makendi
Course/Number: com /170
Faculty Name: Angela Grosse

With $7.25 a person can maybe buy a whopper meal at burger king and a pack or chewing gum at a local convenience store. For a person working minimum wage to buy that whopper and pack of gum, they must work one hour. That is not enough to live a sustainable life. The meager wage brings forth recent discussion about whether or not the federal minimum wage should be increased. This divisive issue is especially prevalent within the bipartisan American political parties, the majority of Republicans do not want the minimum wage to be raised, and the majority of Democrats want the minimum wage to be raised. However, this issue
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Raising the federal minimum wage can reduce expense for social programs, such as welfare and food stamps. Low-income families are most likely to receive this other government sponsored social programs to support themselves and their families. By raising the federal minimum wage, most of these families would have enough disposable income to feed and take care of their families that would help alleviate the burden of state sponsored social programs. The money the government would have spent on this programs can then be reallocated to other concerns, not only will this help millions of families wane themselves of off social programs it would also reduce the amount of money the government spends on this programs
Raising the minimum wage also can stimulate the economy by increasing consumer spending without adding to budget deficits. The main argument against raising the minimum wage is that it would prevent business from hiring new workers because the cost is too high and this, in turn, will decrease national growth. However, a significant amount of academic research has shown that raising the minimum wage does not increase job loss or add to the recession. A study published in the Review of Economics and Statistics found that increasing the minimum wage increased the wage of workers, but it did not reduce employment. In fact, because low-income families will receive enough disposable income, they will be able

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