A Midsummer Night 's Dream By William Shakespeare Essay

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Can you identify one time in your life that love was easy? Hemia a character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream begins her life changing adventure in love as a naïve young woman, eager to experience the glory of love. She soon finds out the truth about love and its difficulties. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare, is a comedic play, written between1595-1596. In this play the author reveals the difficulty of love.
“The play begins in (ancient) Athens. Athens is a place for law and order. It 's no wonder that the young Athenian lovers flee into the enchanted wood, where fairies reign over a gorgeous and lush natural world of magic, wonder, and mischief. The human characters can 't make a permanent home in the woods, so they all return to Athens in the end. Once everyone is back at Theseus 's home in Act 5, the setting looks less like an ancient Greek palace and more like an Elizabethan nobleman 's estate. The time of year during which the action of the play is supposed to take place, the play 's title suggests that it is sometime around Midsummer 's Eve.” (Shmoop Editorial Team)
“At the beginning of A Midsummer Night 's Dream, the tone is pretty dark. Hermia faces the death penalty or life as a nun if she doesn 't obey her father and marry the man of his choosing. This suggests a bleak outlook. (Shmoop Editorial Team) However, this darkness quickly gives way to a lighthearted mood that reveals Shakespeare 's sense of humor about the pitfalls of love. When the…

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