A Midsummer Night 's Dream By William Shakespeare Essay

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In A MidSummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare proves that there is no limit to how far people will go to get what they want. Egeus, father of Hermia, will have her sent to her death or a nunnery if she does not marry the man he wants her to. Lysander and Hermia, the young lovers, are willing to run away and leave everything behind to be with each other and get married, because they are forbidden to in Athens. The king fairy, Oberon, has his wife, Titania, put under a spell to fall in love with another being so he can have her Indian boy that she cares for. Although getting what these characters want have consequences, they will go through thick and think to ensure it happens. Egeus is insistent on sending his own daughter to a nunnery or to her death to obtain what he wants. Demetrius is the man that Egeus has in mind to wed Hermia. She refuses to be with him as Lysander has already won her heart, and they desire to be with each other. Egeus is very persistent and he has his mind set on Demetrius being with her. He takes her, Lysander and Demetrius to the king, Theseus, to complain about his daughter’s disobedience. Egeus demands that the law punish her for not meeting up to his demands, and he accuses Lysander of “[filching] [his] daughter’s heart, [turning] her obedience, which is due to [him] to stubborn harshness” (1.1.36-38). Lysander interrupts and tries to reason with the king, explaining how Demetrius is negligent with love as he…

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