Essay on A Midsummer Night 's Dream By William Shakespeare

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A king’s obligation is to those who have confidence in him and follow him and to watch over them as if they are apart of his own family and protect them through selfless actions at any cost, as the citizens are the main priority. However, in Williams Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the king of fairies Oberon is a man who desires power and control but also struggles with the choice of right and wrong. This is explored through his urge to control and manipulate the people around him, his acts of selfishness and his desire to help out those in need of assistance. Oberon always chose to manipulate and control others to do as he wished in his thirst for power. This king had been obsessed with taking the changeling from Titania ever since she had adopted the boy. But, Titania would say that she took a vow to protect the boy and would never give him up. Oberon neglected to listen to her and had focused on getting the child regardless. He went as far as charming his “true love” so that Titania would be susceptible to his suggestions, which enabled him to control her. When it came to love, Oberon thought that he knew what was best for everyone involved. He ordered Puck to put an end to the bickering between the main characters, rather than letting the four of them resolve their disagreements. Furthermore, he elected to control the feelings of Demetrius so that he would reciprocate Helena’s love. The opinion of oneself was valued more than others and the amount of…

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