Essay on A Middle Ground On The Document

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Base on the document, I can tell that the author was trying establish a middle ground on how to deal with Luther. The author argues that the theologians are not advising or teaching Luther, but instead just making matters worse by threatening him and calling him a heretic. He also points out that people who are judging Luther should first read his reforms to understand what he is trying to argue. He wanted to end the threats and name calling and to instead solve the issues with civilized debates, conducted by writing and discussions. To sum it all up, the author was trying to be the voice of reason or the mediator between the Catholics and Protestants, trying to come up with a more peaceful approach to find an understanding. The issues that the author considers the most important, was trying to give reason to why Luther was making his reforms and that the Catholics should not be so quick to point him as an enemy. As he says:
“What justice is there in deciding now to charge someone who has suggested a debate about issues which have always been open to debate in the theology schools? Why punish someone who wants to learn and is willing to accept the judgement of the universities? No wonder he is unwilling to accept the verdict of people who world clearly prefer him to be a dead man than a good man.”
The author tries to clarify Luther’s issues, making it clear about the abuses of indulgences currently set up by the Catholic Church. Arguing to the Catholics that denying him…

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