A Mexican Family Listening Essay

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Struggles I grew up in a Mexican family listening to corridos, which are a type of song, since at every party, every celebration, and every occasion, that’s what the family would play. As I became more aware and conscious, I began to realize what these songs were actually saying. These corridos were telling a life story, ranging from life issues such as poverty, hard times, immigration, social and political problems, and/or life in general. A prominent and recurring theme that I saw developing throughout was immigration. Many of these songs, were expressing strong feelings that many Mexican immigrants, including my parents and other family members were feeling regarding they’re citizenship status, how they were being discriminated against, and ultimately how they were feeling.
These corridos talk about how America was born free, and how man divided it, and how essentially these people are as much as American as “real” Americans since they worked hard for what they have with blood, sweat, and tears. And even being first generation Mexican American, I too can relate to the struggle, having to work twice as hard just because I do not look a certain way. They talk about how they just came to America to work, to provide a better living situation for their families. Ultimately, they were running away from poverty. In many corridos, they talk when do you hear that doctors, lawyers, and other professions that basically “guarantee” you a comfortable life, come as braceros (day…

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