A Metaphorical Investigation Into Drug Addiction Essay

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A Metaphorical Investigation into Drug Addiction &
Cultural Artifacts Drug-Abuse ads on TV hold an immense potential for cultural happenings to occur that can be both good and bad for the outcome of certain groups of people. TV ads are rhetorical by nature. And they argue a specific point, articulate their argument with some word or picture, and propose a specific change for the target audience watching at home to buy into. What can this mean for a struggling drug addict? It means a permanent and persisting, rhetorical labelling process, in which an advertiser can metaphorically persuade a viewer into thinking whatever they want you to think. This paper will also discover how advertisers use typical rhetorical devices in televisions ads such as Metaphors, and Ethos, and logos to mold and shape the way we think about things, and what this outcome can mean for people struggling with drug addictions in our society. We will take a look at this first advertisement featuring Rachael Leigh Cook from a 1997 commercial, popularly known as the “This is your Brain on Drugs” advertisement (artifact attached in the bibliography) it was an immensely successful advert in the case of drug abuse during the late 90s. Yet there were some problems with it however. Although successful in pop culture, from a rhetorical perspective this commercial didn’t address any definition of drug abuse in any substantial way. The ad seems to use ideas metaphorically, the frying pan is the…

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