A Mega Slum Essay

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survive, and reproduce. Other countries will still exploit Dharavi. Dharavi is filled with skilled workers that are poor, desperate for work, and can provide cheap labor. They only have each other to look out for their best interest. Even then, it is still survival of the fittest. Background assumption is a deeply embedded, common understanding of how the world operates and of how people ought to act. Dharavi is a mega slum. Before I watched this video I did not understand fully the concept of a slum. So prior to my knowledge of what made a slum, I had no tainted background assumptions. Dharavi consist of 11 masses, 28 temples, 6 churches, and 12 schools. Over 5000 businesses exist in 15,000 single room factories. Most of Dharavi residences are employed by these factories as well as the recycle industry. They are responsible for exporting goods around the world, like leather, textiles and pottery. They use two railways that run along the city for exporting and commuting. Dharavi has problems with electricity and clean water supplies. Most people use the Mahim Creek for sanitation purposes. Remember now, Dharavi is made up of over one million people, squeezed into one square mile. This just the structure of Dharavi. There was a movie called The Slumdog Millionaire. It is about an eighteen year old boy on the verge of winning millions through a television game show. The fictional story is based in Dharavi. The movie caused an uproar in Dharavi when it premiered. The people of…

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