A Meeting With The Members Of The Other Teams Essay

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1. If I were the supervisor, I would tell Sally that I will have a meeting with her the next day, when she is calmer. I would tell her that I understand her frustration and to achieve a better result it is better to wait until the next day. Meanwhile, I will prepare myself for the meeting; since she is the only leader that has been complaining, I would compare her workload to the other leaders. I also compare number of employees that she has to lead to the other leaders. Additionally, I would compare her team’s productivity to the other teams. If everything is the same or almost the same, then I would have a valid document to back up why I did not put her complaints as a priority. If in the comparison, I find out a great deviation, then I would look at the causes. For example, she might have more employees to lead compared to the other leaders and the reason might be because the other leaders have new employees to train, but she only works with staff that have experience. To have a successful meeting with Sally, I must be well prepared and have enough documentation to back up why I have “ignored” her complaints.
2. In solving the issue, everything goes back to my investigation and my findings. If whatever that she does is the same as the other leaders, and the other leaders are doing fine, then she might have a problem with leading and delegating work to people. If the hospital offers leadership classed, then I would suggest her to take a class. I also would suggest her to…

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