A Meeting Plan For A Cooperative Conference Plan Essay

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It is important as a teacher leader and coach, to have a collaborative conference plan. A plan helps a coach be better prepared for the conference and more organized. There are important details that need to be included in the plan. My colleague’s learning style, beliefs, and expectations from the coaching experience are important details. Knowing some basic information about my partner is going to help me choose which coaching model would work best. Furthermore, other important details of the conference plan include the structuring of the pre-conference, objectives, observations, and how the post-conference will be conducted.
My Colleague My colleague is a young teacher, and will be completing her third year of teaching auto mechanics to high school students. For the purpose of this assignment, I will call my colleague Louisa. Louisa feels that her strength is building relationships with her students. I know she is an excellent listener and a team player because we are part of the same PLC team. Louisa is pro-active and likes to take the lead on projects when collaborating on PLC activities. She is good at motivating students and preparing them for the workplace. Furthermore, Louisa knows the importance of understanding her students’ styles and through casual conversation, I know that Louisa is a hands-on learner and considers herself an extraverted teacher. Extraverted teachers have classrooms that are full activities, interactions, and student work (Kise, 2008).…

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