A Medical Device Manufacturer Came Up With A New Technology For Treat Brain Ischemic Stroke Cases

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Solving a Problem at Work A major medical device manufacturer came up with a new technology to treat brain ischemic stroke cases. This technology is the first stroke treatment breakthrough in fifteen years and has the possibility to create a whole device market on its own. Gale (2015) states that there is a revolution in stroke treatment due to an innovative clot stent retrieval technology, creating a new medical device market category estimated to be worth $150 million per year.
The technology consists of a stent that is delivered through a special catheter from the patient 's groin to the area of the brain where the clot resides. Once in the proper position, the stent is deployed, traps, and retrieves the clot due to its unique design characteristics. In order for the surgeon to navigate the catheter and stent through the arteries, the stent needs to be visible on brain scanning equipment. Current brain imaging technology is achieved through computerized x-ray tomography . The materials used to built the stents and catheters are transparent to x-rays. In order to help surgeons with navigation and visualization, the stent is welded with twelve miniature platinum marker bands that are visible to the x-rays and help doctors visualize the position of the stent in the brain.
The company is launching the stent under a limited market release program with the purpose of evaluating medical outcomes, streamline recommendations, procedures, and surgeon training as the…

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