A Meaningful Life Is A Life That Has Greatness Essay

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5: A meaningful life is a life that has greatness. What defines greatness however is what changes from person to person. Life is ever changing some would say to have a meaningful life you must find the meaning to life. The meaning of life in my eyes can have many different faces. The meaning is ever changing to whichever body you’re in. There could be thirty people in the room and twenty nine meanings of life.
In Search of April Raintree aboriginal identity is often questioned in a very white modern capitalistic society. April and Cheryl are saved from alcoholic parents and placed in an orphanage till they get placed in several foster homes. During these times they are not brought up in the old native ways. Instead they are introduced into Religion, Protestant Catholicism. They are taught that their parents who have raised them till this point in their life are going to hell a place for sinners. They are going to heaven in the next life though since they are good people that go to church.
Growing up for the two sisters varied. Cheryl and April were split up. Letters were often used to communicate during this time. Visits with each other also happened frequently. Cheryl and Aprils bond is a very strong bond. April is quite used to looking after Cheryl being the older sister and all. April believes strongly in taking care of her sister. A purpose in her life that has been taken away. April’s childhood ends abruptly after being moved into her second home. Here she learns…

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