A Management Control System ( Mcs ) Essay example

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More and more organizations utilize a management control system (MCS). A MCS can assist an organization with evaluating the organization, as well as implementing corporate strategies that will enable the organization to roll out corporate-wide systems.
Typically a MCS covers the administrative and financial areas of an organization. A MCS is designed based on the policies, procedures and methods derived by senior management, with built in controls and assurances that will monitor and safeguard the organization. There are pros and cons to implementing a MCS, but at a minimum it will force a company to organize their company, and to look at the different areas in an attempt to create an evaluation system. The MCS will identify the key operational components that are essential to the business operation. As the MCS is designed, it will incorporate cost, budgets, measurements, and most importantly reporting. “Managerial control is essential to efficient management. It helps the managers to measure actual performance and guide it towards the achievement of predetermined goals. It is important activity in any business enterprise “(Chand, n.d).

What do you see as the major strengths and flaws in the feedback control system used in the schools in this scenario? What changes do you recommend to overcome the flaws? The feedback control is the component of the MCS that will provide the evaluation at the end of the MCS process. It is the part of the MCS that will evaluate…

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