A Man With A Dog Essay

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A man with a dog Wang lives in a small village, and he is very poor and stupid, smelly and skinny, lazy and aimless. He lives with his supple touching dog. In his sight, he has nothing but his dog. He never gets out of his village and he doesn’t have any job, just grabs some sticky, dirty bottles and sells them to the shop every day to gain a little money. He loves his dog more than himself—he never cares about himself, and he gives most his food to his dog. One day he is tired staying in his dusky, drab, dirty house and he decides to go to a fancy, wealthy, big city, a city which is totally different from his village .(He feels boring about the boring daily life and village. He wants some change about his life.) He walks out of his village with his dog. A neighbor asks him where to go. “I am going to a big city,” Wang responses proudly. “What a poor man.”
He decides to walk straight. At least, he won’t die.
Yes, he has a cockroach-like vitality and he is able to eat almost everything because of his poor life experience. Walking on the road, he begins to feel tired. “Maybe we should buy some food to eat,” he says to his dog. He buys some food and water to eat using almost all his money.
“Give you, my dear,” the poor man gives the food to his dog.
“Woof, Woof” the dog yelps, like a wolf.
Wang pets his dog. “Good!”
Several days later, he comes to a big city, a city which has countless skyscrapers, lights and cars. He feels kind of dizzy. He has been almost eating…

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