A Man Of No Importance Essay

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Bianca Jenkins Professor Giardina Theatre in Society 28 October 2016
A Man of No Importance
The musical “A Man of No Importance,” is based on a film and which is also a book written by Terrence McNally. The music was by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, and was directed by Amanda Wansa Morgan. The musical was held at the Stillwell Theater at Kennesaw State University. A Man of No Importance is musical about the main character, Alfie Byrne wanting to put together a stage play at the local church hall where his father preached. Alfie is a bus conductor, every morning he would greet the passengers, stamp their tickets, and read poetry to them. Alfie loved the art of theater and expressed it every chance he got. Many people loved Alfie and love being around him but Alfie didn 't love who he was in the inside. He hid in his own little world trying to not give into his temptations and making sure that those he cared about never found out who he really was, until one day he finally gave in to his desires only to become shamed, bashed, and beaten for it.
There were many great actors on stage and each one held my attention with their acts, but there was only one that really stood out to me. Maybe it was because he has the leading role or maybe because I wanted to know more of his story. I had many question about his character. He seemed to live in a fantasy world and kept himself
1 Jenkins occupied with poems and planning a production. I wanted to know what was he trying to…

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