A Man Of Hard Principles And Passionate Imagination Essay

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“When I left that icy prison I’d no idea where north and south were but I did have two very strong convictions. One was that good novels must be a poetic transposition of reality, and the other was that mankind’s immediate future lay in socialism” (qtd. in Bloom 11). This is the essence of Gárcia Márquez. A man of hard principles and passionate imagination, he was born on March 6, 1928 in Aracataca, Columbia. His childhood years were marked by his relationships with his grandparents and his exposure to Latin American folk lore. As he grew older, his parents forced him to move to Bogatá and attend boarding school. Later, he studied law. However, Gárcia always dreamed of pursuing writing. Considering the state of Columbia during that time, it was not an easily attained goal. His rise to fame came after many failed attempts, job losses, and years spent in poverty. However, once he finally wrote his best-selling novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, he created an explosion in Latin American writing (330). His works continue to proudly represent the Latin American community even after his death. The simple, relatable messages in each story are what allows them to reach into so many people. Throughout his writing, Gárcía Márquez incorporated hope, dignity, and mystery. Each of these themes came from the economic and cultural experiences that marked Márquez’s life.
Every human is inherently hopeful. Even if it is not always outwardly present, somewhere deep down one has hope in a…

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