Essay on A Man Of Fear Or Of Will?

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A Man of Fear or of Will? What better way to summarize the themes of Macbeth than through a movie where the themes are apparent not just through words but also through actions and appearance? Justin Kurtzel the director of the latest movie adaptation of Macbeth is charged with making the play enjoyable to watch while still maintaining most of the play’s original dialogue and meaning. Through his choices in the scene of the murder of Duncan he has maintained the original theme of the play. Kurtzel makes the same comment as Shakespeare did on how man will do whatever he deems necessary, even the murder of his friends, to protect his own self-interest. In order for the themes Shakespeare meant to show in Macbeth to be understood it is vital for the audience to perceive Macbeth in a certain way. Kurtzel maintains this perception through the choice to have Malcolm walk in on Macbeth immediately after he has murdered Duncan. Instead of unfounded paranoia about someone finding out about his wretched deed to make himself king, Macbeth now acts in the manner he does for fear that Malcolm may share the truth with others. His fear of Macduff going to England to meet with Malcolm in the play is just fear that they may suspect him of murdering the king, but now that Malcolm knows for certain it was Macbeth it is his fear that they may retaliate against a known wrong-doing. While a minor change to the plot, it does not change Macbeth’s motives. Macbeth’s motives do dictate the theme of…

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