A Man Called Horse By Dorothy M Johnson Essay

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The image in Hollywood movies of savage Indians attacking white settlers represents only one side of a very complicated picture. The film, “A Man Called Horse”, depicts the lives of Native Americans in nineteenth century and it was based on a short story by Dorothy M Johnson, “A Man Called Horse”. In addition, the film also truly shows the traditional customs and living habits of the Indians by describing their marriage clothing music, and dance. The film tells the story of a British gentleman traveling in the United States and captured by the Indians in 1825. After years of living together with the Indians, he was fully assimilated and became their warrior and leader. In a scene which probably goes down as one of the most memorable in all movies featuring native American cultures, claws are inserted into Morgan’s chest muscles and he is suspended by the, spinning in slow circles. It is agonizing, but it was also a rite of passage, a way for a boy to prove he had become a man. The film notably treats both sides dispassionately from the view of neither the white man nor the Indian, but compassing both cultures. On the other hand, the book, “Making the White Man 's Indian: Native Americans and Hollywood Movies”, talks about how the stereotype and racism became even more complicated because the films depicted the savagery of Whites in contrast to the more peaceful Indian (Aleiss 2005). The stereotypes include tracing prey and domesticating animals and the Indians continue to be…

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