A Madman's Diary Analysis

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Optimistically Betrayed In reality, the people do not hold their own freedom. The government controls and organizes the people according to their rank and social status. Within China, there are various issues that have not been dealt with. The people who live within China either live with their restrictions, waiting for someone to stand up for them and there are those fight for a change. The people who try to change the society are known as rebels according to the government. But to others, those people are known as heroes or saviors. The Chinese society is optimistically betrayed by the rebellious actions of Lu Xun, Mulan and Ai Weiwei. Chinese society may appear typical to many others, but the truth of the society is revealed through a “madman’s” eyes. Lu Xun avoided traditional writing techniques and wrote “A Madman’s Diary” in the diarist’s first person which is unheard of in Chinese literature. Without analyzing the story’s content, Xun already goes against the standards in China. Also, …show more content…
The feudal system do not benefit anyone because they will be consumed by those of higher class. The poor work for those who are at the top and those at the top rely on the poor. Through “A Madman’s Diary”, Xun speaks up for the people and encourage them to create voice. The people must unite to create a new society that that live in. Mulan was the first female to fight in a war. She ignored the Chinese expectations of “men belong in public, women belong at home”. She was the one who went against the people’s expectation of women. Finally, Ai Weiwei displayed his emotions through his artwork, words and tweets. He displayed many flaws within the current society and helped many within it. He showed the people that there is more to society than quietly following orders. The Chinese cultural traditions must be destroyed to create a better society to live

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