A Lot Of Stuff Happens Essay

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Throughout these two scenes a lot of stuff happens. Act 4 scene 2 starts off at a place at a

camp near Sardis (Shakespeare). This is where Brutus, Lucillius, Lucius, and the Soldiers all

come together to meet Titinius and Pindarus. Brutus has a talk with them about a disagreement

he has with Cassius. Brutus goes to Lucillius and tells him that Cassius is starting to act fake

towards him, and that he does not trust and believe in him like he used to (LitCharts). Then

Cassius arrives with his soldiers to meet with them. He says that Brutus has done him wrong

(LitCharts). Brutus does not agree with the statement that Cassius had just said (LitCharts).

Cassius continues to argue with Brutus, then Brutus suggests that they go inside his tent and talk,

because they don’t want to have their soldiers see them fighting and arguing (LitCharts). Titinius

and Lucius stand outside the tent to guard the door to make sure no one came inside (LitCharts).

Cassius tells Brutus that he is angry with him because he has punished an officer, named Pella,

for something very small that he did, his punishment was not called for, and he had written him a

letter asking could the man be forgiven (Shakespeare). Brutus accused Cassius of getting people

out of trouble with an exchange of a bribe, that didn’t seem like a fair trade to him (LitCharts).

He felt like he was making it seem like it was okay for people to commit crimes and get in

trouble with the law and all you had…

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