A Look Into The World Of Fantasy Essay

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A Look Into The World Of Fantasy
Fantasy as we know it today is by far the most difficult of all the genres to pinpoint a clear definition. In the book A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature 9th Edition, it is defined to “depict a world unlike the one we usually call real.” (Lukens, Smith, Coffel, 2013) and others have define it has magical or dreamlike places. No matter how you define it the goal of Fantasy is to take readers away from the normalcy of everyday life and has long done so through every society known today. Even though the name “fantasy” was not used long ago, people all over the world have been telling stories of events that were magical with people that were larger than life, gods, heroes, and let us not forget the villain.
In history, researchers believe fantasy started as a way to explain the unknown or fear of something that could not be explained. At some point fantasy became a way to improve our lives. It became an important factor to society everywhere and to even more so to the children of the 21st Century. One of the most noticeable benefits is that it gives children or young adult readers a chance to view the world in different ways. Fantasy helps a reader make connections to their world through the magical aspect of the stories. The genre also can deal with difficult issues and help younger children through these situations, such as moral questions that can be hard to explain. Another benefit is that children are more likely to…

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