A Look Into Philosophy By Shannon Martin Essay

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A Look into Philosophy
By Shannon Martin

*Philosophy is difficult to define as there are so many levels involved in the art of philosophy. Philosophy is not the act of arguing against everything just for the sake of argument or disagreement. Philosophy is about seeking wisdom, enlightenment and viewing all areas of a subject. The word philosophy is broken down from its Greek origin as “the love or pursuit of wisdom”. “It is an activity that reflects passion, commitment, and intellectual ambition,” (Chaffee, pg.6). Philosophy involves thinking and exploring difficult questions, subjects, and thinking outside of our normal thought process and the “boxes” we have put ourselves in. There are many different divisions of philosophy such as metaphysics, which is the study of the ultimate characteristics of reality or existence, to aesthetics, the study of beauty, art and taste. All of the branches of philosophy are so important to expanding ourselves and our minds. Philosophy is the tool in which we explore the deepest levels of our world and attempt to understand our universe by using critical thinking. The more we study philosophy the more opened our eyes become to the beauty and passion that is our lives.
Bertrand Russell’s view about the value of studying philosophy is that studying philosophy is of high importance and value. By studying philosophy you are freeing yourself from a small world that you enclose yourself within. You become more aware of the world…

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