Essay on A Longitudinal Study Of Ethnic Minority Children

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Although the articles, “Positive parenting, family cohesion, and child social competence among immigrant Latino Families" and “Rigidity in gender-typed behaviors in early childhood: A longitudinal study of ethnic minority children", are clearly written about two different topics, the similarities between the two are quite pronounced as it related to the authors’ approach and their research.

Leidy, Guerra, and Toro’s article on positive parenting covers the relationship between minority parents and their children and the effects parenting can have on their child’s wellbeing. The authors’ main purpose for writing this article is to show the outcome of a minority child’s future, positive or negative, based on the parents’ choices and how the child’s choice can reflect on how their experiences with their parents may affect their future behaviour. Although some children, no matter what type of environment they experience, positive or negative, they could portray they total opposite. However, this was not what a majority of the research showed in the article. For example, typically, the children that grew up with abusive parents, bad neighborhood, a negative group of friends would most likely be the child to get into trouble and drop out of school. Whereas a child that grew up with an involved parent, a decent neighborhood, concerned teachers, and good influential friends, would have a higher probability or a better and brighter future. One thing the article had a tendency to…

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