Essay about A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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Innocence is often a word used to describe children, they are pure because they have not yet become exposed to corruption. A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah illustrates what happens when innocence has been seized from a young child. When rebels attack Beah’s village, he is forced on a life altering journey. Beah involuntarily transformed from an innocent adolescent into a rebel soldier. He needed a lot of guidance and correction to reconstruct his virtue. The conflict of the Civil War shaped Beah’s character.
Ishmael Beah had grown up in Mogbwemo, Sierra Leone, a tight-knit community where he was always surrounded by people who cared about him. Therefore, Sierra Leone was always a pleasant place to live until the chaos of the Civil War attacked the village. “The first time that [Ishmael] was touched by the war [he] was twelve… [He] left home with Junior, [his] older brother, and [their] friend Talloi… to go to the town of Mattru Jong to participate in [their] friends’ talent show” (Beah, 6). The talent show always was a great outlet for Beah and his friends to express themselves. Music followed him throughout his life and always reminded him of happy times. The war hit Mogbwemo very unexpectedly, “Since [Ishmael and his friends] intended to return the next day, [they] didn’t say goodbye or tell anyone where [they] were going. [They] didn’t know that [they] were leaving home, never to return” (Beah, 7). Once they reached Mattru Jong, they were informed that the war had attacked…

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